This 6 months transformational journey is designed from over 10 years of experience working with myself every day and leading Women to Remember who they really are.

 We have all been disconnected from our Intuition, Soul, Body through shaming, criticism, rejection, humiliation, abandonment. We were born into a society and family that wants us to fit in, to follow the rules so that we are accepted and respected….by their terms. 

This lead us to want more and more, never stop chasing, never stop to actually listen to what WE want, need, dream. 

This lead us to leave parts of ourselves locked deep inside, forgot and pump only the ones deemed “good”.

This lead us to live a life guided by others, always in our heads. 

We strive for perfectionism and an illusion of happiness which we never actually reach. 


So I ask you:

 Do you feel good about where you are in life?

Are you following your Heart, your Passion?

Do you know how to listen IN to your ancestral guidance, to your Soul?

DO you have a good relationship with your body, with your womb, with you as a WOMAN?

Do you feel relaxed, in peace, trusting and curious about life, about who you can become?

Do you DARE to speak up, to ask for what you want, to walk with your head held high, proud of who you are?

Do you feel like a Queen and a Creatrix of your own LIFE? 

Do you have an intimate, personal relationship with Divinity, with mother Earth?


 ….you feel lost, insecure, fearfull all the time

….you are having panic attacks and anxiety having trouble relaxing, sleeping

….you feel disconnected from your body, your soul, your intuition and from life

….you fell pourposless and you lead an automatic, on repeat life

….you have no idea what being a WOMAN feels like or you think it means to be weak

….you cannot speak up, you do not dare to share your Voice

….you FEEL DIFFERENT and this makes you want to fit in with the cost of loosing your identity,always compromising yourself, dying a little bit every time

….you feel you are too sensitive and too emotional and do not know what to do about it OR you cannot feel anything anymore and only live in your head overthinking all the time

…. you feel shame, guild, fear about who you are, your appearence, your desires, your life…

…. you cannot relax, always need to be in control, never can stop and truly connect with you

…. you followed the rules all your life and you feel you are struggling

…. you are attracted to magic, to deep feminine mysteries, to energy work but also scared of it

…. you have tried it all….and still there is something that does not click…something missing

….overall…you feel unsatisfied, unhappy, with a hole inside that you fill in with snacks, alchool, movies, endless conversations and being online 


If this is your case and you responded “yes” to more than 3 of the above then YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE. 


The Process I designed for you is personalised, suited to your needs and exactly to the point you are now in your life. 

It is a deep emotional process that will put you FACE TO FACE with yourself.


🌹You will dive deep and feel all the feelings, you will know yourself like you never did, you will find out the “WHYs”, connect the dots and release all the baggage, all the programming, the wounding that is stagnnant in your energy and body.

🌹You will reclaim your Power as a WOMAN, you Voice, your Gifts and you will uncover how unique, magic and gifted you are. 

🌹You will start leading your LIFE from INSIDE, based on your own rythm as a woman, desires and INtuition and not based on the outside. You will reclaim your Inner AUTHORITY and regain TRUST in life, in YOU.

🌹You will reconnect deeply with Divinity, with Earth, with all the rejected, forgotten parts of Yourself and bring it all to UNION. You will regain health and revive your true IDENTITY.


🌹You will Awaken the Healer, the Creatrix, the Queen, the Ancestral Woman, the Woman that leads in her FEMININE energy. You will Live Life as a WHOLE WOMAN. Without fighting, demonstrating, chasing, with no fear and no overthinking.


Quietness will be your friend. 

Mother Divine will be your support.

Earth will be your safety and anchor.

Heart and Womb will be your Home and Power. 


Your Sensitivity will be your biggest gift. 


You will have all you need to receive all challenges of life with trust and relaxation.

IF YOU ARE READY lets start meeting each other and see if we can do this together. 

I choose the women I work with as I wish we are a Perfect match and you are a WHOLEHEARTEDLY YES to COMMIT to this Transformation. 


🚫🚫🚫 This  is NOT for you

…if you expect me to fix you or give you magic pills and recipes

…if you want a quick fix that is easy and all unicorns

… if you put money ahead as an expense instead of THE INVESTMENT in YOUR health, well being, happiness

… if you are still wanting to try things out instead of putting them into PRACTICE, being all in

… if you are half in, thinking pros and cons,making lists instead of Feeling in your body the YES

… if you are NOT open to FEEL everything, to cry, to be HONEST and take Responsability for your own changes

… if you do NOT have the time and you do NOT consider this a PRIORITY

… if you are not available to keep in touch all the time and do your asignments, practices and make changes ( small and steady).

… if you treat this process as an optional and do not respect it as a sacred container 




I am comitted 100%. I need you to be too.

I am here next to you with all my expertise, heart, passion and wisdom. I really CARE. I need you to as well.

I will offer everything you need and it is suited for you at this time. Open and receive and then put it in practice, in real life. 

 My work is my passion. My MISSION. 

 To be a part of your Journey and hold SACRED SPACE so you can FLOURISH in the Creatrix, the Whole Woman that you are is my Mission. 

To guide you to your inner Power, wisdom and remembrance that your are a Sacred Vessel here to transform the world is my mission. 




This CAN BE the BIGGEST, most Magical and beautiful JOUNEY you have taken so far. THIS IS A NEW BEGINNING. 

  If everything in you resonates until now lets go further. Please answer the questions below as honest as you can, as complete as you can and I will get back to you afterwards via email.

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