About me

Welcome Magical Woman! 

Anca Lavinia is  an energetic and emotional alchemist, Intuitive Soulful Astrologer, international bestselling author and founder of the “Authentic Feminine” movement as well as the online community “Whole Woman with Anca Lavinia”

She support women like you, conscious women to remember who they truly are: not who they were told to be, expected to be, thought they should be and embrace all inner parts to live as Whole Women. 

She is a down to earth yet very spiritual Mentor guiding you towards finding Love, Health, Inner Harmony by activating and embodying your Feminine Soft Power and Ancestral Wisdom. 


Having held hundreds of individual  and group processes, ceremonies and journeys over hte past 10 years,  Anca Lavinia has created “Whole Woman”–the Journey that brings forth a Heart-Centered living instead of a mind-doing-agitated life. A life in union of your humanity and divinity.


Living in the Sacred Mountains of Romania with her beloved, they are now creating their paradise away from the busy city to live in communion with nature, surrounded by children, animals and like-hearted Souls.

She moved to a mountain city after more than 15 years lived in a busy, toxic city, working for 6 years as an employee in the corporate world and exploring different career paths in the search of her SOUL MISSION. This system, the hierarchy, the manipulation and the coldness of everything going on in these kinds of environments made her resign with no back up plan.

She always thought she would have her own space, time and schedule as she would love it : late mornings and time to silently sip her coffee, clients she chooses to work with, no pressure days.


She managed, driven by her soul and passion to open her own private practice in 2014 starting with Angel Therapy and then continuing on this path of self discovery. She went through different types of therapies, courses, experiences always taking what she resonated with her out of each.


Now Anca Lavinia is living her mission, her passion, the life she wanted, dreamt and Created from scratch, after years of depression and darkness.

She gathered all kinds of instruments and uses her gifts, always growing into more of them, to open spaces for other women to THRIVE and know themselves truly. She is very intuitive and gentle, straight forward and loves rituals, drumming, chanting, sacred sounds and sacred inner journeys, astrology, deep emotional processes and above all, she loves the TRUTH, integrity and commitment.

Faith and her relationship with Divinity is in the center of her world and work in a personalised, deeply intimate way, out of dogma and rigid rules.


She is a firm believer in everyones capability of SHINING and living an accomplished life, creating and materialising their dreams in collaboration with earth and sky.

She continues to do the inner work every day knowing that she can go as deep with you as she goes with her.


As a woman she discovered that her innate sensitivity and empathy along with the resilience and courage to always go out of the comfort zone are her biggest gifts, that her power as a woman lies in her intuition, magic and deep surrendering. This is the door she opens for you as well. The door that she opened years ago diving deep into her scariest traumas, fears, childhood and transgenerational, ancestral pains and heritage.


She always felt  different and never followed the trends but her own inner guidance, her Soul guidance. Bringing spirituality into the daily life through simple practices and connection with the Heart is at the core of her living and teachings.

She is also a big advocate for TRUTH no matter how uncomfortable and is able to see in the depth of one’s Soul, touch the most painful inner corners and alchemise them into light, power, confidence.


The path to a happy life starts here, now, with your choice and small steps towards slowing down, learing to relax and trust yourself.


It is time for the Feminine Wisdom and soft Power to Rise and LEAD. It is time for YOU to open your Heart and come back into your body-womb and become the Sovereign of your life and the New Earth.

Start now.


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