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Healing the Witch Wound

Alchemical ONLINE Workshop  on the Full Moon: May 5th

It is time to heal and RISE! It is time to take back our Power and revive our Magic.
YOU are GIFTED. Divinely gifted. And you have been told that this is a sin, bad, that you are a witch and you diserve to die for it.
Your SOUL remembers the Fear, the treason, the pain, the trauma.
So….your Magical self, the witch self is dormant. Put in a cage deep down.
You FEAR all that resembles your POWER and MAGIC. You either reject it but keeps coming into your life somehow (this is a message/sign as well) OR you are soooo attracted to all magic things but In the same time you FEAR them.
Almost all women that come towards me have incredible gifts. THe energy and power they hold is soooo beautiful but they have forgotten about it OR they simply feel fear, anxiety, stuckness around it.
Many religious beliefs and also cultural stigma make them distrust this side, this Self even more. They think its bad or a sin. And there are some that even dispise, condemn or mock the feminine magic.
We are talking shamanism, rituals, nature and elemental work, plant work, singing and chanting, crystals, stones, tarot, astrology , energy work, past lifes and so on….Soooo many facets and gifts to be RETRIEVED and ACTIVATED.
THIS IS A CALL to all sisters that have suffered and have been silenced long enough.
You do not have to cary this fear anymore. It can be released, alchemised and you CAN BE FREE to be who you really are.
❤️Without your magical self, your simple, normal gifts as a WOMAN you are half dead anyways.
Going to boring jobs sucking the life out of you, doing repetitive tasks and living a life that leaves you hungry for more….and you dont know what it is.
❤️I AM INVITING you to ACKNOWLEDGE yourself, your Inner witch, your Feminine ancestral gifts.
🔮Together we come and we will journey back inwards in a SAFE, SACRED SPACE I will open and Hold.
🔮We will talk to the fear and we will meet with ourselves back then.
🔮We will disolve OLD CONTRACTS that keep us stuck and alchemise the fear, the wound.
🔮We will get our energy and soul back, activate the gifts that are dormant.
🔮We will chant and breathe and move and REUNITE with the BEAUTIFUL forgotten feminine inside.
It is a powerfull moment.
Lets do this together.
I have done this work with me and with hundreds of women before. Now, new codes and new energy is here for us to support the work or remembering and becoming WHOLE again.
🧙🏼‍♀️The world needs women that sing and dance, that feel the unseen and do not fear it, that heal with their voice and hands, that talk to the stones and the waters and know how to listen to the fire and wind.
🧙🏼‍♀️The world needs YOU and ME together, awakened, aware and in our Power.
🧙🏼‍♀️YOU NEED your magic, your power, your gifts and your NATURAL WAY of LIVING as a woman.
FEEL the YES? Feel the shivers? Feel the tingling and the warmth? SO COME! It is time!
❤️THERE is NOTHING to be AFRAID OF. You are held and you are SAFE. The MAgic woman in you is waiting for you to see her, embrace her, love her.
🔮HERE IS THE FORM to SIGN UP and reserve your spot and see the details:
❤️5.05 on the FULL MOON day. For approx 3 hours ONLINE, start at 19.30.
Together in heart and spirit.
I am soooo happy we’re doing this!
Anca Lavinia

Second edition coming soon…

Back home to YOU

❓Are you mainly living in your head, always thinking?
❓DO you find life kinda exhausting and feel that something is missing?
❓Would you like to feel yourself, to be more into your body, your emotions, your inner Center?
❓Do you live on the run giving your time and energy to others forgetting about yourself?
I have been observing this big “disease” humanity is going through : DISCONNECTION from our bodies, hearts, emotions, from all that is pure, magical and so potent. From our inner Center.
Even though you might seem perfectly happy and having the best life …somewhere deep inside something is not clicking.
You are continously tired, not sleeping well, taking all kinds of pills and living on the run. You are checking all the boxes, doing everything right and feel tensed, irritated, alone, confused and missunderstood.
Well…What society says that success is it is actually just an old paradigm that keeps separating us from our inner softness, wisdom, inner knowing, from Spirit and from who we really are.
And just because I have been witnessing a lot of women struggling and wanting to connect deeper with themselves I have created this beautiful course.
🌹I invite you to:
loosen up and relearn how to relax
start prioritizing time for yourself,
introduce simple practices that will enrich your life and your relationship with yourself.
🌹What do you get?
🔻8 simple feminine practices delivered in recorded videos every 3-4 days for 33 days.
🔻an opening ceremony and a closing ceremony Live with me
🔻constant check ins in the group to see how you are doing and if there are questions
🔻a sacred space where, together with your sisers you can share, support each other and be held, acknowledged
🔻acces to all of the videos, materials for as long as you need them to review
In a private facebook group I will create for this course
Opening ceremony: October 27th at 8 pm
Closing ceremony November 28th at 8 pm.
Please be advised that if you really commit to the practices and to creating small changes day by day you will get beautiful results and develop new nourshing habits long term. These will become a way of being deeply ingrained in you.
It depends on you to create your desired reality!
We often complicate everything when actually simple things and simple practices create the long term changes.
And as Women we are called now to remember our Power, our Wisdom, our Gifts and be the leaders of a new world that is born. We can only do that by coming back inside, really knowing ourselves, trusting ourselves and shedding the old ways we have been living in.
Can’t wait to start!
Yours truly,
Anca Lavinia