Full Moon in Aries- from codependency to inner sovereignty

Lady Summer is now shedding her beautiful Green Robes, leaving space for the Magical colourful and rich Autumn. It is a time of slowing down and allowing the inner and outer death to take place, to close whatever we feel we need to and allow old, rigid, fearful parts of us to go…embracing and receiving the gifts.

We are deeply tuned in with nature and the seasons. Even if the city people we have become forgot that. And as soon as we reconnect with the natural cycles -especially as women- the sooner we will feel richer inside, more peaceful, attuned and with so much less resistance, rush, “have to”s”


The Full MOON in Aries shining her brightest on September 29th (around noon) invites us to be reborn while letting go. Being on the Nodal Axis (north node in Aries , south node in Libra) we have a potent energetical moment with the emphasis on emotion- relationship to others and to self, empowerment through endings, closing, letting go. 


The full moon is the time when the Moon is in the opposite sign from the Sun and creates tension, friction, hightened emotional states while, in the same time illuminates aspects we need to see, hidden aspects of our inner and outer world. This time is both about our inner child and healing, unresolved emotions and contexts correlated with how we are, behave, think, act in relationships.


The Moon in Aries and Mars conjunct the South Node in Libra might stir up irritation, anger, frustration felt like boiling inside of us, apparently for no reason. IN other cases, small things happening in your relationship might make you lash out leaving you surprised and even shocked. For some other people this Full Moon stirs up and brings forth former contexts and relationships, with men and not only. Old unresolved anger, abuser-victim dynamics left unadressed, contexts in in the past ( even childhood or possible past lifetimes/ ancestors) where you felt powerless, abused, forced with no one to stand up for you.  Or contexts where you shut up instead of speaking, you had loose boundries, you sacrificed yourself for others without speaking up, asking what you need, defending yourself, being EMPOWERED. 

In current relationships there is a big possibility you see, realise how you are not being fully yourself, how you are still in a co-depended, fearful space, with no clear boundries, always putting the other one first, feeling like your partner (even friends, child)  matter the most. You know that saying : without you I will die or You are my life? – total example of codependency and disempowerment.


There is an open door to embrace the past, look at what you supressed, how you were taught to behave and how that comes out in your relationships. With kiron still in Aries the healing continues! And with the North Node here the invitation is to BREAK old patterns, stop putting yourelf last, stop the sacrificing, heal the inner child wounding and trauma and taking your power back. It invites us to STAND up for ourselves, to know clearly what goes and nourish us and what not and communicate that.


THe South Node in LIBRA is inviting us to take a deep look at all of the patterns in our relationships. Even transgenerational patterns that might open our eyes on how we behave now, on our wounds and inherited stories that we keep believing in and living.

It is a good time to let go of those people that are not supportive and present with you. Those people and patterns of abuse took your power away, dominate you and kept you in subtle manipulation. This happens because YOU ALLOW it through your own wounding. You FEAR being abandoned and alone, you fear to speak up your truth and ofend or upset the other – so they will leave, reject you, abandon you. This is a wound coming from childhood and the dynamics with your parents where you first learnt how relationships are and what you need to do. Mostly you live in coping mechanisms that served you until now. Your inner child is still afraid, frozen, powerless and sad…AND AT THE WHEEL of your behaviours and relationship dynamics.


It is a good time to TRUTHFULLY look at you and even start a therapeutical process to take your powet back, heal the co-dependency, the fears, let go of the patterns that keep you in a victim mode, alchemising all those moments and emotions that still are boiling inside of you.

Supresed anger for example will find its way out somehow….on your children, husband, friends and also towards yourself. That  is why becoming friends with it, learning how to process it, allowing it to flow through you and find its gifts is the best approach so that you are not consumed by it anymore *other emotions included here too.


The Nodal Axis and the Full Moon are an opportunity to heal and break free from the past. It depends on each of us if we take it or leave it for now.


When did you feel abused and powerless, forced in your past and could not speak up, were not witnessed and acknowledged, held and validated? This is a point of pain where anger, sadness and other repressed emotions are to be addressed and where your inner child awaits you.

Do you know your boundaries and communicate them in your relationships? Are you fearful of being left, being alone and so ….you just shut up and take it, not confront, not speak up, not ask for what you need? 

Did you close your heart and only dedicate yourself to your career, never expressing emotion, vulnerability, dominating men, rejecting men, playing and manipulating them? 

What relationship patterns did you see growing up and how did you internalise that, repeat that?

How were and are your friendships? Your closest persons? Do they trust you, believe in you, support you and lift you up, listen to you and you feel comfortable, open hearted, loved orr…?


If you would let your ANGRY self express herself what would she say, how would she behave, speak? *try it in a safe space, at home by yourself or in a therapeutical space.

Also, if you find yourself always thinking or saying ” I don’t want to upset them, I can’t be angry at them, I want to keep the peace (at my expense) – then I invite you to deeply look and reflect on why you do that and where /when you learnt such a behaviour.

If you always fear authority and make yourself small, shut up, get emotional or anxious, never stand up for your rights, your truth, not taking the space….also – take a deep look at that and reflect- why and where you learnt this.

Uranus and Mercury are also in conversation, both in earth signs and both about the MIND- the lower, human mind *Mercury* and the Higher, Divine mind (Uranus). Sudden revelations, sudden reactions and bodily sensations that come as messengers might occur. Pay attention to the repeating thoughts, nagging thoughts and also bodily sensations in different contexts or even correlated with different thoughts. Bring yourself more in the body, in the present and process, make space inside of you to “digest”, let flow everything that is present. Your body IS your GREATEST compass and ally. So are your emotions.

Do not fear when a strong emotion appears, when a strong sensation appears. Make space for it. Breathe with it, embrace it. Learn how to be with it in your body. Let it be expressed and see what brings forth once you do not avoid- repress- deny it anymore.

Take extra care of your health and pay attention to your needs as your body might communicate you need a bit of more rest, warmth, slow down.


I know it might feel overwhelming and a lot. we are going through big changes. The best approach is the HONESTY with self approach, the really taking time for deep inner reflections and ask important questions. We are led more and more into our Sovereignty as Divine beings in Human bodies, our Freedom and Authentic Expression.

Looking at those patterns, heavy emotions that keep repeating is a way to start and a way into more peace with self, more integration of all the inner parts that you disowned and rejected.


All that is going on is at the right time for you. It is exactly how much you need and can handle. It has a purpose even if you don’t see it now.




And if all you are going through is too much….if the above messages resonated deeply and brought forth deep emotions, sensations it is a sign to ask for support.


I am here to do just that for you. Inner child work, emotional alchemy, astrological support, safe and sacred space to fully express yourself -all my natural gifts and my mission. 

You can start with an Intuitive Soulful Astrology session or even with the 1 month intensive “your TRUE story REVEALED”.  And if ready for a deep, constant, tailored 1;1 process my Whole Woman- 6 months alchemical Journey is what you need (https://ancalavinia.ro/en/ )

Feel free to send a message on my Social Media or an email to scrie-mi@ancalavinia.ro.



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