Full Moon in Capricorn- what do you build for the future?

July 3 rd around 2 pm (RO time) the moon is at her peak shining full and round over the Earth.
It is a moment of seeing something that we haven’t been able to until now, a moment of conclusions, endings and for some, a more emotional time.

The moon is in the sign of Capricorn and the opposite of it stands the Sun in Cancer next to Mercury. This is the axis of career/work  (capricorn) and family/soul (cancer).


At this full moon we are invited to take a look at the work-career and family/home/soul space. 

Where do you spend most of your time/energy? 

Is this what brings you real joy and satisfaction? 

What is now here for you to see and change in this regard by following your Soul’s guidance? 


Capricorn area of your chart is the area where you are invited to discover your INNER AUTHORITY and look at who you invested it in until now.

What are your long term plans or dreams? What is your long term vision? Is it the same as it was at the beginning of the year? What are the steps/choices you are supporting it with? 

Is this vision/dream from your head, from the “shoulds” other imposed on you? Or is it from your heart/soul, because you actually are drawn to it, feel it and brings you  joy inside?


Saturn is supporting this full moon activating the reality check for you. He disolves illusions and bubbles you have been living or believing in ( pisces) and shows you the reality.

What do you want to actually build from now on? And what is it time for to be ended, closed, eliminated from your life? What chapters, contexts, beliefs are at the end of the road not supporting you anymore? 

The truth that you see might not be the one you want but actually is what you need.

What spiritual practices, concepts are here to stay, to be implemented and integrated in you day to day life? Pisces energy is the 5d frequency and Saturn is the 3d one inviting you to be real, here in the human form and integrate, anchor the spiritual. 


It might be a time where you see a lot dissolving, not going your way or even bringing you more confusion. Take a breath and come into acceptance with all that is. Struggling, resisting and wanting all to be your way, controlling life is only going to make you feel worse and not contribute to your well being at all.


All is here to support you!


Jupiter is also in the conversation with the full moon and also, Saturn. He helps you see what is actually IMPROTANT, what matters, where you can simplify your life and more than that, recalibrate to your VALUES.

What are your values that you live by?

What are the choices you can make now to support yourself towards the life you dream/envision for yourself through a truthfull, present look into your SOUL?


Might also have some opportunities to invest, financial recalibration and healing.


Mercury next to the Sun is thinking with your heart, more feeling than analyzing everything. Even though the Moon is in Capricorn needing plans, structure, safety and long term work done, the Sun and Mercury are asking : WHAT DO YOU FEEL about this?  


Pluto at the end of Capricorn is in tensioned aspect with the North and South node leading us even more in depth, seeing the truth behind the veil, behind the masks and roles.

He keeps showing us the integrity path, the POWER that is not about money and status but about VALUES and vulnerability and owning, integrating our shadows, living in our TRUTH.


It is not only about individual truth but also about global, humanity wise truth coming to surface more and more. Corruption, power abuse, lies, manipulation are all surfacing so that we can cleanse the rot, heal the wounds, take responsability of our lives and create a new path for ourselves. One where we are CENTERED, in integrity, transparent, in our inner AUTHORITY, with the heart open and allowing our SOUL to LEAD and not our past trauma, fears, lack. 


We are invited to live a more pure, aligned, sincere and sacred life. To create businesses and long term structure that is built on values, transparency, communion, creativity and for the best of all, as a contribution and not from the egotic, wounded space of “Me, myself and I- money, money, money, power and doing anything to get that”


Venus and Mars together in Leo are giving a creative impulse, a spark in our Hearts and maybe even a reset on how we do life. Bringing both the masculine and the feminine together inside of us, ending the war and having the support, structure, clarity of the masculine and the creativity, flow, magic of the feminine together for a stable future.

 Venus will go retrograde this month about the time when the NODES of fate change signs. We will have a BIG SHIFT in energy making the month of July one of the most important of the year. Invitation is to look deeply and honestly in our hearts, take time off to process, integrate, recalibrate, redefine.

Relationships are and will be under the magnifying glass with south node going into LIbra and many of them are going to end ,truth revealed , all for YOUR HIGHEST good!



What is now becoming clear for you? 

What has this first half of the year been like for you? What did you learn? 

What do really want going forth? Search into your heart, go into your fears and those limiting beliefs, do your inner work and allow your SPARK to be lit again. 


The future is all about bringing our passion and gifts forth, making money from our talents and what we love, building from this inner space of alignment bringing the divine into all we do all the time and also being humans- sincere, loving, present, connected humans.

For this to actually happen we are going through this massive process of seeing the smelly truths we covered for centuries so that we can face it and free ourselves. We are going through closures, endings, dark nights of the soul precisely for us to stop running from ourselves so we integrate the shadow aspects, dissolve the transgenerational patterns and reconnect to our TRUEST SELF, our HEARTS and inner guidance, to our POWER as loving, multidimensional beings and humans.

The world is not going to hell just because…it is dismantling the old ways, it is showing us what is no longer supported and cannot be sustained long term. It is showing us our true face.

It depends on each of us if we choose the high way or the manipulative, scarcity, fear based ways that we lived and manifested until now.


YOU CAN build your family and your business, your FUTURE so very differently than all you have known until now. And this is the point. You can choose a new PATH that is YOUR SOUL’s path leading you to embody and anchor a different timeline on earth. YOU have the choice and the POWER.


What are you done with? And what are you now ready to see, accept and choose?



Have a blessed, revelatory full moon!





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