Full Moon in Sagittarius – what is YOUR truth?

We are approaching the maximum of the beautiful and potent full moon on June 3rd and 4 th when the Sun in Gemini opposites the Moon in Sagittarius at 13 degrees.


This energy is about Higher Truths, Life philosophy that we all have, made of all beliefs that were inherited, transmitted and created through time. Sagittarius is Expansive and Curious, wants to explore more and more and accumulate knowledge. It is also about religion and higher education, cultures and long distant travels, a Higher Vision of the world, cultures, divinity, Life.


What is very special now is that the Moon, round and bright is conjunct with the Great Attractor point at 14 degrees of Sag. This is like a Huge Cosmic Magnet,a huge Portal that modern science has not understood yet and that might now bring revelations and connect us with new streams of cosmic information and wisdom. Our senses might get more and more activated and more people will start questioning their lives, their beliefs. Minds open and we might experience revelations about who we are, who we were until now, who we are becoming and even why we are here, in this life.

Suprising information, downloads, intuitive messages are on the way. It is like a curtain being ripped away but from inside so we get access to more clarity, understanding, knowledge that SHIFTS the way we see the world, ourselves. Not always pleasant or easy to digest but nontheless, truth that liberates and connects you deeper to the Core.


What are the TRUTHS that you considered set in stone until now? Expect them to crumble and maybe realise that what you knew is not actually like that. 

Where are you rigid in your life and think you are smarter that everybody , you know it all and you position yourself as better allowing the Ego to rule you instead of your SOUL and pure Heart?


What kind of “dogma” were you following until now and are your ready to let it go and be curious of what else is life about, what else might be true and might nourish you, show you new Horizons for your life?


Are you ready to connect and live more from the WISDOM of your heart and know, feel GOD inside of you instead of letting the outside gods and rules guide your life?


Your mind could be “exploding” with what comes up when you least expect it having the surprise factor active with Uranus and Mercury conjunct in Taurus. Also, Jupiter, the rules of Sag, in Taurus, conjunct the North Node opens up a Wide window of opportunity , a way that is different from the one you thought is the “correct” one, from the indoctrination you were fed since a child.

Its like we get access to deeper levels of wisdom and also, deeper emotions, deeper states of being and the North Node with Jupiter say : this is the way, now integrate this, let this sink into your body, into your life, Give it time, be patient, be gentle and stay rooted into yourself, grounded into your body and Nature.

Uranus and the Moon bring the surprise factor, the downloads from the DEPTH of the inner realm and the vastness of the COsmos and you might feel rattled for a bit...and then with the taurus energy give it some time to feel it, ground it, integrate it. ANd also see what is actually staying with you, changing you and showing you another path


The path might as well be the one of ease, flow, light, TRUST, curiosity and simplicity as we are soooo attached to hardship, suffering, fighting, victim mentality. We are so used to resisting the Universe, our Divine plan, God, Life and stubborn into our own little human minds always wanting to plan it all, know it all, control it all.

THe Moon and the Great attractor is the big portal bringing NEWness into our minds and mental space (Sun in Gemini) and all the planets and points in Taurus ground that and anchor that into the body and earth.

It depends on each of us, as always, if you remain rigid, stubborn, in control, attached to old beliefs and old “shoulds” or we actually want and choose to see the truth, new posibilites, new paths and new ways that we can now create.


It depends on us if we clench into “this is what science, religion, history says and it is the undeniable truth” or we allow ourselves to KNOW EVEN MORE, Expand even more beyond the limited realm of human mind and let our consciousness be ripped open and activated by the vastness, the love, the possibilities, the magnificence of the GOD-mind, the WISDOM of the WOMB of the Entire Creation, the BEYOND.

As beautiful and maybe idealistic as this sounds it can’t be actually done, felt and experienced if we do not slow down and start feeling again- activating our senses again, spending time in silence and descending into our bodies and hearts to connect to the inner realm, to the inner truth and guidance.


Sagittarius does not want to be ruled but likes its independence, its freedom and is able to love the the entire humanity when it alchemises the shadows and wounds of being “the smart one” all the time, always in the head full of knowledge and having the answers but so smart that has DISCONNECTED from the heart, from people, from feeling it all. 


It is a deep time of transformation where more and more of us wake up from the ways we were conditioned into. This might feel like ROCK BOTTOM from some as without shadow work and emotional honesty we cannot access light and love…


SPirituality is nothing if it remains just words, concepts and superficial injections with “love and light” It easily becomes the new dogma where GURUS lead and manipulate you, make you believe they have the truth and salvation, their way is the best…and you find yourself even more conditioned, alone, afraid with a huge amount of pressure to be perfect…to do it all perfectly as this is “spiritual”.


Taking people, concepts, rules, ideologies down from the Pedestal and actually finding your OWN inner power, light, strenght, guidance and integrating the frequency of gratitude, peace, gentlness in a very practical, rooted yet simple manner is when all shifts. Being what we talk about or aspire and not pretending …while we sweep all pain under the rug of spirituality.


We are complex and magnificent beings yet we are here to learn to live as simple humans. We are here to remember the vastness and wisdom we have in our hearts and DNA and yet, be gentle, honest, enjoy the earthly life and human connections. We are all old souls and we need to stop demonstrating that, stop putting huge pressure on ourselves and give value only to what is either material and “old paradigm” or to “I am spiritual and zen all the time”  and start being HUMAN, opening our Hearts, connecting to our Intuition and SOUL, to GOD/dess, to the Earth and nature and simplify it all.

Neptune in aspect with the Galactic Center at 27 degrees (Pisces and Sag) is yet one more invitation to see through the illusions and get into the heart-Body so we can open the Portal to our Essence, to the TRuth we forgot and activate the Super-Human or the New Human that is just a LOVING, wise, humble, beautiful and connected to all multidimenstional BEING. 


All these words will remain just words if the actual coming into presence is not done. If we continue to live the same way as until now and change nothing. It is not about ascension and illumination through systems, concepts, words and endless perfection but about descending inwards, seeing and accepting our painful truth and working thru it with devotion, making new choices, facing our fears and limitations, taking our power back and really doing our part. This is how we eventually come into being and shift the paradigm. One by one, Step by step, day by day, choice by choice, one truth after another , all guided by the Heart and the Divine always flowing, protecting, inspiring and activating.


Cut yourself some slack, sit in silence, hug yourself and see what you need , really need and then ask for that. Go open up and get support. Tell yourself the truth. Become friends with you and remember that all is here FOR you, to SERVE you.

Have a blessed Full Moon in peace with who you are, courageous enough to allow yourself to BE all of you in the World and let go of the boxes you put yourself or others put you in. You are intuitive and gifted and have all the Beauty, power, guidance and wisdom in your Heart.
And if you ask for support, guidance do not let anyone impose truths, limitations or tell you that you are small and don’t know. Look for someone that sees you, empowers you, gifts YOURSELF BACK TO YOU, shows you the light within and respects you.




If you want to share how you feel and what is unravelling for you with this full moon just send a message.You can find me on my email: scrie-mi@ancalavinia.ro, my Social : @anca.lavinia or FB Anca Lavinia Florea.

I am also here if you wish to explore your Natal Chart and connect to your Inner Story.


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