New Moon in Aries- Power reset

Lets talk about Aries and all the transformation taking place now in this sign.

On April 8th the New moon and Solar Eclipse are at they’re peak. OF course, in Aries. And conjunct (perfect degree) with Kiron. And with the North Node here. There’s more : mercury is retrograde in Aries until April 25th.


Who is Aries? The energy of beginnings, courage, leadership. The beginning of Spring – power and zest of life, affirmation of Self. I AM. and that is enough.

Aries is also the child – in this case- the inner child, childhood. It s the ancestral, primal force of life.

Let’s do it! Jump the occasion, think after. πŸ™‚


Who is Kiron?

The Wounded healer. Part human part animal he was injured and couldn;t heal himself so he dedicated his life t o heal others. Otherwise said- the WOUND IS the MEDICINE. Also represents alternatives ways of healing, karmic wounding, core wounds and fears and also the remedy itsself. Why? Because THRU the wound enters the light. It is not just a saying- it is real. Once you actually allow yourself to FEEL the fear, sandness, pain – you move it, you create space for it to flow and be alchemised, unstuck from your body.

When you put pills, affirmations, positive thinking, distractions on top- it just accumulates and gets nastier until it hits you in the face when you least expect it (For example- in a panic attack).


So what is this about?

New beginnings but not just like that! Wait, there s depth here.

We are going thru the Eclipse coridor- transformational, provocative, deep on a ancestral, core level on the relationship axis: relationship with self (Aries) and others ( Libra).


If I want to have great relationships, meaningful, lasting, honest, I have to create that relationship with myself and be able to hold that frequency of honesty, emotional maturity,self value, self trust, honesty with self.



With Kiron so activated now on the self side of the axis you are “pushed” to really look deep inside and process old wounds. Childhood wounds, ancestral wounds. Fear of not being enough, fear of being rejected, compromise, treason, not having boundaries, co dependency…not knowing who you are unless someone else validates you, tells you.

IDENTITY SHIFTS are in place. You cannot become the “better” you if you don’t first address what is limiting you. All the distorsion, shame, fear, anxiety, pain, all the programs keeping you small and feeling unimportant, not worthy, scared.


Inner CHILD is now big. (I have a short video about it in my free facebook group, Whole Woman).


During childhood you felt all those uncomfortable feelings that are incapsulated in you and now are popping up, bursting. Contexts, emotional out of the sudden, panick, anxiety, chaos….out of nowhere or just intensified.


Clean the house if you want to feel good in it.


The deeper layer is the POWERLESNESS cultivated since forever. The systems were created to disempower you, to disconnect you from who you are. They told you to not be soft, not to feel, not the be a nuisance, not to disturb others, not to talk too loud….to sit quietly, to listen to others opinions, to shut up….They told you the power is at the top…and you just need to get by and keep your head down

Not dare to speak up or to be different than others. Don;t bother, keep the peace, FIT IT, be nice.


The power went to the ones having the money and status and God is the allpowerful one, you being just a mere mortal, here to struggle and LISTEN to the ones in charge.

So you were taught that power is outside of you – your parents, bosses, government, presidents, god, the elder, the rich, money. So you can’t do much.


You were punished for being you. Disapproved. Yelled at, beaten, negated, laughed at.



So we now live in a society of disempowered children (emotionally we are children) , victims that wait for someone else to tell them what is real, true, what to do and how, and when. Wait for the rules to be made and blindly follow them. OUT OF FEAR.Β 



You are invited now to take your power back. To discover that it is INSIDE of you. To reclaim your Authority and Sovereignty. To take ownership of your life, decision and LEAD yourself, Create what you want together with GOD.


I know, it is hard to take ownership and reponsability when it is soooo easy to be comfortable on the couch, in your 9 to 5, being told and being delivered what you need to survive.


You don;t even dream anymore. Don’t know what Thriving means. Just drag your feet and hope for the economy to change,for the saviours to come, for the weather to be better, for LUCK.Β 


The other day a client told me ” I thought you would tell me exactly what I need to do”. I smiled and replied: that is your job as you have the POWER over your life and decisions. I know it is easier to not be in that discomfort to choose, take risks- but I am here to give you the Power back.”


To be a leader in your life, to take ownership and grow up, to open your eyes to the TRUTH that has been hidden to you, to be open to discomfort and actually CHOOSE smething different takes COURAGE and that is why so few DARE to ‘wake up”, to do the work as to Empower , Lead themselves.


Mercury Retrograde does not give us a break as it stays here and goes back some degrees, in Aries, and supports the healing, the reevaluation, seeing what we missed, dealing with the fine print, slowing down and diving in.

And no- Mercury or the Eclipse or any planet is not to BLAME- this is how you give your Power away again! They just are. Energy just is. Asccension just happens. It is up to you if you want to take the opportunity and make something out of it or prefer waiting it out and remaining in the victim state.Β 

Whenever you think, say or act as if you can’t, something needs to happen, change from outside- you give your power away.


Even to god when you re like “ i wait for god to put everything in place, to bring me that job, to work FOR me” This is not how it works. GOD IS YOU- in you. He /She “sends” messages thru people, contexts, situations, triggers….


Where is your POWER?

Who leads your life?


Mars, the rules of Aris is in Pisces with Saturn making a conjunction as well. Patience. Slow down. Discern. What is REAL, what is illusion. What is the truth behind the smokescreen?

Surrender your little mind and will to Divinity- God and allow the dissolution of the old to take place.


Yes, sometimes ‘bad’ things happen so you pay attention and lean something. It is up to you if you choose to blame, get angry with everyone, wait it out…or you get involved, present, aware and dive into seeing what is your take from this.

It is always about you and for you.


Anther big conjunction is Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus on April 20th. THE Conjunction of the YEAR.


It is up to you what stories you feed. IF this is apocalyptic and you buy into the fear even more or if this is just what is….and you continue being present, discern, do your part, practice faith and remaining centered.


Yes, it is possible for the financial market to crash or to be in a crisis, it is possible that food chains are interrupted or earthquaqes happening. ALL is Possible at ANY time.


What it you choose to see all of this -even id it happens- as beneficial? As what is needed for the REBIRTH of this society? And trust God, the Higher Plan?

What if you start really becoming present and asking yourself what really matters, returning to simplicity and values, taking care of your energy and health, taking back your power from money, institutions, news, what others say….and start CREATING the LIFE you feel right for you?

What if this conjunction, moment in time is about healing, expansion, deeper exploration of possibilities, more abundance and well being, more ease and health from a Mature, Centred, Heart based space?Β 


FEAR is the agenda that keeps you subjugated and disempowered. What if you would stop and look FEAR in the eyes, come close to her and talk to her, feel her really, deeply, receive her message?


With 6 planets and points in ARIES – Leadership, Empowerement, Courage to be who you are is the theme. TOgether with rewriting the past, healing the wounds, alchemising the fear, opening the eyes to the REALITY and remembering WHO your REALLY ARE, why you are here.


And as soon as you accept the Journey and the CALL to take responsability….the less the resistance, the less the suffering.



TRUTH is and will be revealed. BIG TIME. And it is not easy to take it in – for the trained, tamed, controlled mind that lives in an artificial manipulated reality.

Many will prefer to hide their head in the sand, to remain in the comfort of “conspiracy”, “fake”, “this is crazy”….when the harsh reality is going to hit on a large scale. Only who doesn not want doesn’t see all the messages, the signs, the whisleblowers, the truth being exposed all the time.


This is not to scare anyone but to GET REAL and PRESENT. To recalibrate all you thought and start taking back your power and ACTIVATING it from INSIDE.



So what is your intention for this new moon ? πŸ™‚





As always I am here leading you back towards your inner truth, power, sovereignty and freedom.

We can do this in multiple ways. Send a message and lets chat.


Oh- and part of this all transformation is, as I said, the ancestral wounds. The persecution and the fear instilled by the church, the inquisition that still lies inside of you as women (and men).Β 

So…on April 24th I am facillitating this amasing online workshop for the 3rd time: Healing the Witch Wound. Alchemise the fear, take back your power, activate those ancestral gifts.Β 





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