We’re living an intense July! There is so much going on energetically during this month! And one of the “zero point” moments  is the Nodal Axis changing signs just a few hours after the NEW MOON in Cancer.


The New Moon – when Sun and Moon hold their hands in the Sky and the moon is dark – peaks on July 17th at 21:33 PM. (RO time).  Sun and Moon meet up in the sign of CANCER- the “mother” of the zodiac, the Feely- sensitive crab.


So the New Moon – time of inception and new intentions– invites us back into our EMOTIONAL world, into FEELING and sensing, maybe a little withdrawn from the world into our own shell. It might bring up old emotions related to childhood and mother relationship. It might invite us to look at what is still NOT FELT and what part of us needs actual attention, presence and space to allow the feeling.

It is a time where a lot of healing can take place, deep inner healing related to your inner child and moments in the past. Sure, it can also correlate with family and transgenerational patterns and emotions that were not dealt with and alchemised.

As soft, sensitive and loving as the cancer is, on his darkest expression it can manifest a lot of emotional manipulation (on a subtle level too) and creating co-dependency with others (especially their family-children), over-motherly which becomes suffocating for both children AND LIFE PARTNER (husband).

It can also cling to the past and remember every little thing that harmed her little soft heart and this might keep the cancer from living fully in the present and letting go.


Where to you CLING to things you now need to let go of? 

Where do you still maintain relationships and patterns of co-dependency? 


and also….what do you ACTUALLY FEEL about yourself, your life, your choices, your family and past? Be honest with yourself and allow the feelings to surface. Give them space and honor their message and gift to you even if it is not pleasant or easy.

With Pluto opposing this new moon and retrograde w have a TRUTH telling, INNER DEATH NEW MOON. Why? Because Pluto “pushes” into the cancer area _ into the uncounscious and pulls out – reveals what needs to die, what is a LIE, what is manipulation and what is really the truth. We are having a BIG REALITY check this month. Not only because of Pluto but other aspects as well.

So until now you might have lived a lot in your head repeating the same ol’ thought patterns, convinging yourself that all is ok, that is not that bad, that you are doing well etc. now- you might be surprised how the true deep feelings you have been ignoring SURFACE and overwhelm even.


What no longer serves your Soul and Heart path is taken away, stopped, cut away. And this brings up feelings of dispair, fear, anxiety, confusion, powerlessness, feeling trapped, alone , you name it.

This don’t go as you want them AND you are flooded by intense emotional states!


This is actually an INITIATION into maturity time! A time when we are kinda forced to deal with the hidden trauma and truth of the inner child, with all we denied until now, a time where things might seem slow or even still, dead, not working AND for a lot of us it is AN IDENTITY CRISIS. For some it is the first one and it is so scary and big and for others it is the uptenth one….and they take it easier knowing already how this feels and surrendering to it. It is not easy peasy for neither.



And this is not just about the new moon but also about all the other big aspects made by Saturn and Mars, Kiron and Lilith, Kiron and the moon and the sun, Pluto and the nodal axis (nodes of destiny), neptune, uranus and this new moon. INTENSE!


We are used to be scared and uncomfortable with intensity, with big emotions.

During childhood we were denied our feelings big time, even punished for them let alone misunderstood, rejected, mocked!


Unwanted, uncomfortable emotions were pushed down by the adults and we modeled the same behaviour, the same patterns. Especially when we were told not to cry, not to be sensitive, that we are too sensitive, too soft, too intense, TOO MUCH for them to deal with! 

So we have internalised this as well. We abandon, reject and fear our OWN EMOTIONS and look away when they surface. We bottle them down, ignore them, numb ourselves, hide them away. We cannot STAND AND SUPPORT our own feelings LIKE a self aware, mature ADULT does. We are still scared chidlren blaming everybody for what we feel, running away from what we feel, pretending, playing roles to let other see only the GOOD US, the smiles and the “I am fine” me. 


And Cancer, Pluto, the south node in Scorpio, Saturn, Uranus just CRASH our Iluusions and bubbles! invite us to HOLD more without running away, pretending, lying to ourselves and other. INVITE US TO MATURE and TAKE RESPONSABILITY – become ADULTS. 

So New intentions around childhood, childhood trauma, emotions and feeling, mother, family and also home environment are now welcomed. BACK INTO YOUR SOUL says the CANCER new MOON. RESTART your life by finding your inner home first. Your inner stability and center. 


LEARN to MOTHER yourself and step into being a responsable, powerful, trtuhful Adult.

Take your power back from the critical mother/father and empower YOURSELF bringing presence, acceptance, a warm embrace and validation into your inner child – inner wounded parts, to your big emotions. ” IT is ok to feel like this. I am here. I see you. I got you!” 

Age does not mean adult. Most of the people on earth walk in adult suits being emotionally invalid – stuck at 5-7 years of age.



Just a few hours after the new moon the North Node goes into ARIES and the South Node goes into LIBRA. A hot 18 months of dealing, healing, empowering ourselves in  our relationships and finding who we really are, our identity.

We will be provoked to look deeply at all the co-dependency, abuse, manipulation, compromise in our relationships (staring inside of course) and work through that to activate the inner leader, the confidence in who we are, boundries and inner authority.

The tensed aspect Pluto makes with the nodes is aligning us even more to our PATH, to what is truly for us and comes from the SOUL. It will end and destroy all that is not that.


So if we continue to pretend and search for feel good stuff all the time we will have a tough time.


What is it that you WANT TO FEEL going Forward? Day to day, in your relationships, in your Family? 

What do you prioritise ? THe power-money- checking the social boxes OR your HEART, your true desires? 

How sincere are you available to be with yourself NOW? 


As you become friends with the discomfort that arises and learn to stand tall, surrender into what is the easier will be. As you learn to hold the emotions and be present with yourself validating and loving who you are the more you will feel empowered, relieved, free, at home, aligned.


I know it is summer time and we all chase the holiday feelings and the easy breezy stuff. That is welcomed as long as we do not PRETEND that is what we really need and put fake smiles on our faces just because we are used to, everybody does it…it is expected.



With Venus going retrograde on July 22nd we are invited once more to slow down a little and actually look into what we want, what we desire, what kind of relationships we are still in and if that is right for us, what we love and put our energy into. What kind of WOMEN we are and desire to be, what is the reality NOW and what else is left to piece together, feel, alchemise to access the new level of Feminine POWER, softens and alignment.


It feels like a big closure and big new beginning. Maybe generations of trauma and hidden stuff is now ending through you doing your inner work responsibly. It makes room for the next level. For the more aligned, mature, leadership level we signed up for in this life.



I want to tell you that your emotions are fine. You are fine as you are. You can feel all that you feel. Your sensitivity is OK and it is a gift! All the parts within you are welcomed. You are not broken as they made you feel. You are not a victim.

Take your power back, Stop saving everyone else and save yourself. Bring your energy inside of you. Deal with your OWN stuff and let the others have their own experience. Hold uncomfortable emotions and be the parent you never had for yourself!






If you feel you need support and a tailored approach I am happy to hold and guide you back into yourself, back to uncover your true Identity. You can choose the SoulAstrology sessions to begin with or/and go deeper and commit to a several month long journey where you will be seen, validated, guided back into your power.

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