New Moon in Libra- make peace within yourself

On October 14, at 9 pm (RO) the Sun and the Moon meet up in Libra creating the new moon (dark moon) aspect. This New Moon is powerful as it is aligned with the Nodes of Fate (lunar nodes) and it is also an Eclipse. Usually the efects of such moments are prolongued in time so pay attention to what is going on in your life now, set new intentions and follow through to see what is unravelling for the next 3 to 6 months.


Now, lets go more into details.


Libra is about sharing your energy with another, relationships, partnerships, connection and also known as the peacemaker, the good negociator, the scales of Justice. Having the South Node here and a dark moon justice is going to be served on a relationship level.

A truthful look inside of yourself and your relationships will help you see what no longer works for you, where you have been lying to yourself, where things are not as you wanted them to be telling yourself a story. Patterns from the past are to be seen and healed as well not only in romantic relationships but also in partnerships, friendships.

Did I compromise myself until now? 

Am I feeling nourished and appreciated in my relationship with others?

How much do I give and how much do I receive? 

Might be a revealing point and an emotional point as well as you come to see things in a different light now. The truth is not always easy to digest but it is what leads us to more alignement with our Soul and Self.

Depending on the house this new moon takes place – a specific area of your life is activated. For example Libra might be in your 4th house which activates the relationship with your family, where you grew up and you inner home, soul. It might be in the 10th house and it activates the mission, career, status area of your life so relationship with your career, with people at your job, leaders, managers including being fired, changing positions, changing careers, making a different move in this area  and also marital status might change. So take a look in your natal chart and see where libra is as house position and then look up what the house is about.


Mercury close to the Sun and Moon opposite Kiron in Aries continues the Healing of the relationship aspect and specifically, on a level of beliefs, old stories, coping mechanisms you keep using to keep yourself safe- as to not be hurt again. Memories and contexts from your childhood might come to mind as to be addressed and healed. The inner child is where we start this process of empowerment and where we deal with all those contexts, emotions and traumas that made us who we are now in relationships.

Most  wounds started during childhood as there was the place you have seen how relationships are, how they function through your mom’s and dad’s, through them and yourself. There is where you formed your beliefs, you got the stories you keep telling yourself, is where all the patterns in your relationships come from. ALSO, a big contribution is the transgenerational part- people in the extended tribe, family, ancestors that lived a lot of untold and unprocessed secrets, traumas that you now bring forth and live in your life.


Kiron is the Healer, the Alchemist, the one that activates your pain and fears inviting you to look at them, process them and not sweep them under the rug anymore.

Some tough conversations might take place or you feel drawn to ignite them so that you clarify the air between you and another, draw the line, expose your side of the story as never before, ask the questions you need.

You cannot integrate and see the invitations of the NORTH NODE in Aries to Empowerment, Leadership, Sovereignty, Courage if you do not go through the healing of the south node, the healing of the co dependency, fears, rejection and so many more inner wounds.


I heard this question today _ what makes you accept to be treated the way you are over and over? What makes you go towards emotionally unavailable people all the time? Where did you learn that?


The ones with Sun, Moon, Lunar Nodes, Ascendant in Libra and Aries are the most triggred at this time. It can be a life changing moment for you, not just these few days but the entire year , going into the next as well- as long as the nodes are in Libra- Aries.  Of course, we all have libra somewhere in the chart and have to deal with the South Node calling to releasing, letting go, alchemising very old patterns and ancestral hurt.


It does not end here as the ruler of Libra, Venus is conjunct Lilith in Virgo and trines Mars in Scorpio. Translation- Lilith the Ancestral feminine lineage wound (and gift) is bringing to the surface DEEP TRUTHs about who you are as a woman, about how you act in relationships, about the relationship you have with YOURSELF as a woman. Might be about self criticism, perfectionism, constant pushing yourself to be always perfect and handle it all. Might be about you sacrificing yourself for others, constantly giving your energy away and helping others, compromising, shuting up….and draining yourself, putting yourself last.

The Fear of Lilith in Virgo is to not be useful anymore and the gift comes through working the boundries, the gentlness with self part, organizing your time, yourself as to GIVE yourself MORE first. A beautiful and powerful healer is one of the gifts here but not one that gives and giver to others out of fear. Look at how you are treated and how you ALLOW others to treat you.

You diserve to be loved, admired, nourished, Healthy, Wealthy, at peace.

Opposing Saturn in Pisces there is a REALITY check, an awakening in relation to all of the above. AM I the martyr that gets frustrated that others don’t see and appreciate me when they DID NOT ask for help?

And also the suggestion here is to bring more GOD/ Divinity as practices that nourish you in your daily life.

The WOUNDING with the MASCULINE energy is also a part of this oppostion and it might hit you hard and from where you don’t expect it. When I say the masculine I say father, God, inner masculine- all masculine energy. Possible anger, irritation, bothering truth comes to surface and patterns you might observe in your feminine-masculine dynamics.


Mars is helping Venus as they are in a trine – to bring some awarness, healing, action to the feminine-masculine dynamic mentioned above. What painful secrets are u avoiding or now seeing for the first time? What actions are now required of you so you  go deeper and give your attention to healing the masculine wounds/ the patriarchal wounds you inherited and got so used to?


I will mention Pluto as well as he is going direct on October 11th and brings some releasing of the tight, tensed energy we were under for the past months. Still pushing the truth out, still cleaning the house and showing us where our shadows are but it might feel as a little breather once going direct. Especially if he made tensed aspects with your natal planets.


TO wrap this up – a new moon is when we set new intentions, when we look deep and sit in the dark to see what is new and wants to arise from within. The relationship sector – to self, to another is activated so take time and sit still for a moment, pull your journal out and write all about these themes, answer the questions, see what arises and where you are pulled from within.


Putting our energies together is one solution for the world we want to live in/

Until now we have created wars, hate, envy, separation and closed our hearts. We talk about peace for centuries and yet, all we see is war and division.


The peace, beauty, harmony Libra is about can happen once we make those arise within us, once we stop the inner war and separation and remember we are one (in all the inner parts and with our brothers and sisters).


The peace and harmony Libra is about can be lived and activated by seeing the TRUTH behind the wars, the illusions, the manipulation, the “peace treaties” that are currently served to us, seeing the truth about what is really going on, taking responsability of all the shadow within and dealing with that.

The “bad” in the world is necessary for us to wake up and remember our HEARTS, our compassionate nature, our love for self and one another. It is a step so we can no longer give our power away, swallow what is injected every day and keep se fear and separation going on. The maturing process of Humanity is full blown and it is not easy.
The solution is always going back in and doing your work.


We are going through a big rebirthing process, journey that is not ending soon.

It is a time of awakening and of rising up and for that to happen we are shown what is not working, the trauma, the abuse, the power plays, the manipulation – all being the collective and individual shadow. This is to be looked at, processed by each of us individually. Surrendering to the process and building a strong relationship with God/ the Divine is a big help, support and even a must.

All we see in the world is a mirror for what it is inside us. Make peace with yourself first and then peace will show itself in the world. Be honest with yourself and follow your Heart and honesty, love, heart is what you will see in the world.




Want individual support? I am here to guide and hold the space for you to actually see yourself, discover who you are, let go of fears and old patterns and empower yourself  as a Divine multidimensional being in human form.


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