REGENERATION- transformation- rebirth- Phoenix- depth and truth- taboo >> all SCORPIO themes that we are deeply feeling these days ( and for a lot of us, the entire year)


On November 13th at 11:27 am the New Moon will shine in her darkest moment amplifying the Scorpionic energy and themes. 

Not a coincidence that the number 13th is a Sacred Lunar and Venusian – feminine- number as there are 13th cycles (and menstruations) in a year. Cycles of death and rebirth, regeneration.

Being a Scorpio new moon it also is infused with a full moon like energy as before said, Scorpio invites us to clear, let die, to transform the old, the shadows into a new beginning, a new path, a new way.


With Mars conjunct the Moon and the Sun and Uranus opposing them this could be an explosive new moon! And when I say explosive it can be internal (emotional for example) and external- on the world scene.


We are presented with those uncomfortable truths about who we are and what attachements to suffering, to pain, struggle, to drama we are still carrying and empowering. Subjects and themes like sexuality, porn, human trafficking, money, power struggles and power hunger, manipulation, all occult things and hidden truths are now what gets our attention. THe taboo, the unspoken, what we keep under the lid, the shadows.

What is it that motivates you?

What is your relationship to POWER? and how do you use it?  Do you manipulate through victimisation and how much you struggle and sacrifice for everyone, through sex, money, knowledge (forms of power) ? Or are you aware of your shadows and use your Power to create good in the world, around you, in your relationships and life?


What are your values that guide you in life?

What are you clinging to out of FEAR? 

What is it that you really need to let die and be reborn in a different form?


Pay attention to all shadows that are now in front of you catching your attention – calling you to your DEPTHS and to your inner TRUTH.

Pay attention to all the control and the “i am a victim, I am powerless, life is pain” dynamic – words- thoughts.

Pay attention to the FEARS invading your mind and life. Who’s are they? Where do they come from?


It is a good time to stop and see what you avoided until now. It is a good time to get into a THERAPEUTICAL process. ONe that addresses your emotions, your energy and energetics, your depths and supports you to RISE from all you though is impossible or too hard.

Triggers and surprises might be all over these days. 

Find support. Get into your body. Use what you already know to process your emotions and sensations in a mature manner. 


TAKE your POWER BACK. and LET OTHERS be FREE and live their life.

Is life really hard and full of bad things? Is it really just hardship and fighting? Or is this something you learnt from your parents, grandparents, ancestry, culture?


Are you able to allow yourself to admit or even be curious about the possibility that LIFE can BE EASY, peacefull, with no drama? That it doesn’t need to be hard? That you are the one keeping the beliefs, the choices, the thoughts that make it hard. From that deep sense of loyalty towards your family, your mom, your ancestors – how can I live an easy, abundant, happy life when they suffered so much?

Someone told me ” but I can’t let go of those chords of hardship and pain of my ancestors because I feel I would betray them”- this is the transgenerational LOYALTY that keeps you stuck in a life and patterns that are not yours to carry, to live. It is your decision if you want to see it, admit it, change it. And now is a good time for this.


With Lilith aspecting Mercury the thoughts might not be very nice ones: fears and anxiety can come up more than before. Those things you don;t want to think about or talk about might now be so overwhelming you cannot escape or deny them anymore. in the same time- there can be a lot of POWER in your words, in the way you express yourself and the truths that you are now seeing and letting out through your voice.


For the ones that are aware and conscious this is a very EMPOWERING TIME! A RISING and rebirth time into a new stage, a new version of you! 


You see what is hidden and what needs to be spoken about, what needs to be brought to light – both in you and in the world. You process deep ancestral fears and let go of that old story of being small and insignificant. You sense the big shift and you slowly learn to let go of control more and more, to speak up, to end all that is toxic and no longer supportive.

It is not easy. It is deep, it is overwhelming, it can be surprising and chaotic.

It can bring up a lot of ancestral pain, grief, anger. (see the wars, the conflicts). This is to be felt, received and let go in the earth. Especially women are called now to feel the grief, to feel the anestral pain and to cry it, yell it…let it wash through and EMPOWER you much more, be alchemised through you, through your heart, voice, womb, blood. 


Saturn is now stationed direct at 0 degrees in Pisces after a long retrograde and it is opposing Lilith and squaring Mercury creating a tension (If we needed more of it :). ) to really take a deep look at your FAITH and INTEGRATION of SPIRITUAL concepts. Take a deep look at your relationship with GOD- source- religion and begin a deep process of healing, looking at the truth, releasing, clearing and taking back your power.
Come into an internal STABILITY and PRACTICE what you read about, know and talk about. FAith is not tested when times are good and it is not about going to church or saying “i am a believer”.


How is your faith standing when it all gets hard? Do you still believe in Divine support? Do you still remain at PEACE and totally anchored in your Heart? Do you still stand tall and with deep roots? Or do you doubt, fall, curse, blame, enter victimhood, stay in control and fear and anxiety. 

No matter what is going on around you- do you FEEL supported, have a strong relationship with your SOUL and Higher Self, God, Source? Or at the first bad news you go into the darkness and forget all the big shiny concepts you know?


Do you still have patience and remain calm doing your work and your practices even when all seems to go crumbling down? 


What is fake, based on lies, manipulation, fear, what is not built on integrity and true inner ground, in the HEART will be taken away, crumble, dissolve. 


You are brought closer and closer to YOUrself and sometimes, when the stuborness and control are so big, when the separation is strong – you are brought to your knees.

This might be one of these times.

And it is not because the universe is bad, god punishes you, life is a bitch or  someone has something against you. It is just because there is NO MORE TIME to sit around and blame others, whine and wait for saviours.


It is time to look deep into your SOUL and get aligned with the new frequencies. To stop living a life LYING to yourself and following EXTERNAL rules, staying in boxes and with your head down.

For those who hear the calling and start the real change the NEW earth is here and the TRANSITION is much more easier.


FOr those who keep denying, staying in old habits, in victimhood, chasing superficial power like money and status, keeping it small and fitting in, resisting change and life….it will be harder and harder. The BIG CRUMBLE is here.


And what we need to learn is to let go, embrace and cultivate FAITH. TRUE, real, deep FAITH. Come back into our bodyies and hearts. Listenting to our Soul and inner nudges. Doing the inner work so we keep rising in frequency and access new levels of peace, joy, wealth, health. This is what earth needs. Not more anger, more fight, more separation, judgement….Sure, it is necessary to go through the shadows so we can grow true inner light and stability. This is the journey.


And you are supported if you want to be. If you choose LIBERATION, FREEDOM, SOVEREIGNTY. 


We are at a tipping point.


Are you ready for the biggest death and rebirth ever? 





Monday the 13th- new moon : Healing the WITCH WOUND online workshop is an invitation for you to take a step closer to freedom and empowerment. To Rising from the numbness and sepparation and alchemising the fears.


Invitation to an intuitive soulful ASTROLOGY session based on your natal chart is open so you access and discover your TRUE story and take a step further in knowing who you really are, what are your gifts, lessons, direction in life. It is not just an astrology session but a transformative experience!


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