Full Moon in Scorpio- without descend there is no real Power

On April 24 th, just a few days from the big Jupiter-Uranus conjunction the Energy of the full Moon is at its peak.

It is happening in Scorpio with the opposition of the Sun in Taurus ( full moon is always Sun and Moon opposite).


What is Scorpio energy about?

Transformation, alchemy, truth, depth, death, taboo, power, esoteric and energetic Power. In clasic astrology it is about money, sexuality and what we share with the other (can be debt, creditors, inheritances etc).

The Scorpio Taurus axis involves our relationship with money, our sexuality, body , ability to transform and alchemise the fighting, suffering mode (scoprio) into ease, simplicity, self worth and self value.


Whats your relationship with sexuality, death and FEAR?

How do you use your Power- do you manipulate others to get what you want?

Do you live a life based on “it is hard, i need to fight and something bad always happens”? 


Are you ready to dive deeper?


With PLuto that makes a tensed aspect to the Sun and Moon there is more..TRUTH, raw and unwanted truth coming to surface. 
Those fears, shame, “i have ti fight and it is always drama” come to surface now.

What you kept putting under the rug comes up into your face to be seen. 


You might experience anxiety and also situations that involve sexuality, old relationships, death, contol issues and also- an OVERALL DEEP TRANSFORMATION of your lifestyle.


Because we are not just talking full moon here, there s also Lilith involved AND the conjunction between Jupiter and Uranus creating a SHAKE in your internal and external world.


What is the TRUTHFUL and authentic way to live? * by yourself of course

What are your haibts, routines and what s the relationship with your BODY- senses- health? 


How valuable and worthy do you feel?

What about money? Whts the relationship here? Do they come the hard way, is it a fearful relationship, do u still operate on lack mentality and believe money is about hard work and sacrifice? 


All of these are existential questions that have to do with how you want to live, what you want to keep choosing and whats ready to go.


Are you willing to go deeper and look into what is calling you now at the emotional level? Stop saying “I am good, all is good”, when it is not? 


Might be a messy moment here. Overwhelm and even shock, stuff not working, everything seems like it exploded in your face.

It is because you are called to deal with the deeper layers, to see the truth and own it.



So you can make the transition from hard, fight, fear, control, lack into ease, flow, prosperity, a life lived in health, wealth, based on healthy values and in your POWER.



Scorpio is asking you to change, let go, let die, transform and RISE. You cannot just say or wish things and believe it is done. Its deeper than that.


Aries with the north node here, Mercury, Venus invites you to find out who you really are, to empower yourself and stand tall in your life, courageously speaking up, setting boundaries and LEADING yourself in the direction you feel and know is good for you.


Taurus is inviting you to reconnect to your senses, body, to the earth, to reevaluate the relationship with nature, with your habits and also with money, self value, self worth.


IN order to step into all that empowered, free, healthy, wealthy and ease, to OWN that your are THE LEADER of your life and stop listenting to everyone else…your need to DESCEND INTO THE SCORPIOnic world. 


Into Hades. Like Inana did, like Jesus did, like all the of us need to do.

You get empowered and free when you stare the fear in the eye, when you walk through all the inner shadows, pain and grief. When you integrate that DEATH is part of life and of this process of evolution.

When you allow yourself to really STOP LYING to yourself and become truthful to the bone.


Without this part there is NO REAL healing, evolution, transformation.


Without this part it all remains a fairytail. Words we tell ourselves and stories we want to believe but our LIFE, real life, inner and outer remains the same.


I see many so called succesfull people, women in this field. Apparently they have it all. And their eyes and energy scream sadness, pain, fear. They dont even know that.


And as a WOMAN, the DESCEND is CRUCIAL. This is the path for true initiation into the LIGHT.

As long as you keep fearing to feel the fear, the anger, the sadness..and only put bandages and words on them you will keep repeating the same patterns and contexts to the point where you become ill or dramatic events happen.


Sudden and surprising is the word here as well with Uranus in the Mix.


Learning to be in discomfort and not runing from it is an art and something that helps sooo much. Learning to be flexible and to trust all that is …is a big key.


As long as you keep running away from what you feel, from burried emotions and trauma…THIS WILL APPEAR INTO THE COLLECTIVE! Through war, pain, grief, anger and so much more.


What are you ready to see now , what truth are you ready to acknowledge and deal with?

How honest are you with yourself?


Worldwide raw truth keeps being revealed. Shocking news appear and it looks like chaos and fear and destruction.

Pluto and scorpio and Uranus may destruct as Kali does with her chaos and power so that we build a NEW World and allow the old to die. 

You might get a FEELING of the future, glimpses and downloads from the depths of your Soul. Listen to them and have patience. Dive deep and OWN your inner demons. THey hold the Power you seek, Not the fake illusion power this world is based on…and now dismantling – but the true- HEART based power.


There is a POTENT moment here. Are you choosing to step into the next level or are you choosing the comfort zone?


Do you keep living at the surface level and run from what scares you, what you don;t understand, your triggers? 
Or are you ready to own all of that and have no fear hold the power over you?



Old wounds like the persecution wound is now brought to the surface for many.

The silence, the torture, the chasing and the pain…the hiding and all of the inquisition times are directly impacting you through visceral fear and anxiety, keeping silent, hiding yourself and your gifts..


It is a GREAT time to work with this wound and alchemise that into Freedom, Empowerment, CLAIM the gifts you have as a woman and RISE.


It is a great time for ceremony, ritual, clearing, cleansing work, energy work.

The PRIESTESS in you, the magician, the witch is Calling many to stop hiding and fearing…and to start owning their power.


Power is what many women are SCARED of. Their own deep , ancestral power and wisdom is so big and out of this world that it triggers fear. So

what we were told and learnt to do is go in the head space, make it all logic and scientific and keep the distance from all the deep mystery.


I am inviting you to take a step further and access the next level. Activate the magic in you, reclaim your wisdom and start owning that power that is not based on money, status, image, illusions.

But the power of knowing who you are, holding your own shadows and light in confidence, listening IN to your Intuition, daring to speak the truth.


WISE WOMEN and the TRUTH has been feared by those manipulating the reality.


I am here to open this doorway back to YOU and the Magic you Hold, to claim your TRUTH and stop playing it small, hiding yourself and shaming yourself.



On April 24th, Healing the Witch wound online workshop is aligned with this transformative moment.


We descend into our bodies, connect with the Magician within, alchemise that fear, clear the old contract keeping you small. We reclaim and activate. We step into your NEXT LEVEL.


This is where you find the details





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