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Staring at the wall is ok! If you are a woman you must read this!

Today all my plans fell appart. What did I do? Embraced the opportunity. While my mind was still trying to make me do something (for a short while) I felt no desire to do anything. No desire to go out even if the sun is shining and no desire to meet, talk or see anyone. No energy for work, thinking, planning or even cleaing the house.

I am in my premenstrual phase – called the Wisdom phase – the one where our energy as women goes down and inside. We retract to the inner world and have less energy for the outer, for doing. Because we ARE WOMEN and THIS IS NORMAL.


What is NOT NORMAL in our society is the masculine way of functioning applied to everyone! Thanks to the „WE ARE EQUAL MOVEMENT” women are not treated the same as men and they, themselves THINK that it is normal to do things the same as men, have the same amount of energy as men and the same efficiency EVERY DAY OF THE MONTH.



I am sick of the commercials I occasionally see in places I visit – to tampons – commercials that present and thus PROGRAM the women to work the same, climb mountains, do the same things as every other day with no worries. BULLSHIT!


Women do not want OR feel to do anything while menstruating or even before that actually. IF women were actually connected to their bodies and needs they would choose to follow their NATURAL ENERGY as CYCLICAL BEINGS.


It is hard to learn to REST in a society that REWARDS DOING, being BUSY all the time, being on the go.

It is hard for a woman that works a corporate environment to feel appreciated and valued when she is NOT being EFFICIENT ALL DAYS of the month, 10 hours a day ( or more).

…or for a mom of 3 to feel enough and valuable when she is taking time for herself while the kids, the house needs something done.


I do get that AND I also am inviting you to this scenario: 

WHAT IF WE WOULD NORMALISE TAKING DAYS OFF in the middle of the week or an afternoon OFF because our body requires it? Because, for example, we are menstruating or are in the premenstrual phase and literally we have NO ENERGY, NO MENTAL FOCUS and all we wish is to sleep, sit under the covers and be left alone?

WHAT IF we would LISTEN TO OURSELVES FIRST and PRIORITISE OURSELVES AND EDUCATE our family, husband, friends, colleagues and even bosses that we need THIS specific DAY OFF as OUR HEALTH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TO US?

WHAT IF instead of making that job, that career that requires so many sacrifices and OUR HEALTH taken away WE WOULD prioritise OUR BODY, our Emotional well being, our MENTAL HEALTH, our overall well being?


What if we begin the CHANGE from where we are instead of saying : My boss doesnt give me days off, you don’t know how it is to work there, my kids need me all the time, I don’t have time to breathe, I don’t have time to waste, maybe you can but me….my life is different!


WHAT IF we would CHANGE THE ENTIRE ANGLE and Perspective and STOP being VICTIMS who actually GIVE THEIR POWER AWAY to the systems, to the career, to the bosses, the job, the kids, the men etc? What if we would STOP MAKING our kids or jobs EXCUSES TO JUST CONTINUE being miserable and surrendered to a way of living that slowly KILLS US?


Just because society teaches us, enslaves us to thinking that SELF VALUE is TIED TO BEING BUSY and considers TIME OFF, pause, rest, relaxation a waste of time, something for when I am dead, unthinkable in this day and time DOES NOT MEAN THAT SO SHOULD WE, that we shoould be ok with it, adhere to it and continue subscribing to it! 



you being at that job, you sitting in that envirnment you hate, you being a slave to money or status, you having or not having kids or a family, you listening in to your mom’s opinions or to your man’s opinions even if they are NOT good for you. Everything in your life, where you are, how your life looks IT IS YOUR CHOICE and you keep choosing it as long as you do not change anything.


You will keep suffering and being overworked, chronically tired and stressed out, having endocrine problems and imbalnces, having health issues with your ovaries and fertility and so many more as long as YOU KEEP CHOOSING THE SAME giving your power to the external – society, media, family, culture – job- and PUTTING YOURSELF LAST.

There is NOTHING WRONG with DOING NOTHING ! With taking breaks, pauses, time off when you have no energy anymore!

Even if you have all the day planned out, even if everyone else is doing something even if you wanted to do that X thing now….And yes, you will find excuses like ” BUT THEY NEED ME” , I can’t just abandon them/her/him.

That is actually your DEPENDENCE to Suffering, to Hardship, sacrifice and has a hint of narcisism in it too.

Do you really think that your colleagues at work cannot do without you ? Only you can solve it?

Do you really think that your husband cannot find something to eat for himself or even take care of the kids for a day? Is he that powerless and clueless? 

Do you really think that you mother is not an adult that cannot take care of herself ? 

REFLECT on that. Do you know that by acting like this you TAKE THEIR POWER AWAY? Their lessons and even deeper than this? Have you ever considered this?

Are you that boring and afraid of yourself and of spending time alone, in silence, taking time OFF that you need to always be doing something even if others can do it too? 


I know this got deep suddenly. But this is the truth needing to surface.


WE are INVITED TO TAKE RESPONSABILITY of our lives, choices, HEALTH, WELLBEING in all aspects!


We are invited to remember that we ARE NOT THE SAME AS MEN! At all!


We are invited to remember that we are THE ONES CHOOSING what life looks like for us. We are adults and have the power to decide everything we need, want  independently of what others say, think or even try to manipulate you into.


We are invited to STAND UP for ourselves, let the other be and ACTUALLY FACE our own demons and take our POWER BACK.


Do you know that most women HAVE NO IDEA how their body functions? Have no idea about their hormones, the stages of their cycles, the energy levels and the actual NEEDS of a Woman?!

Society WANTS us and keeps us disconnected, powerless, fearfull, away from time to actually think and ask questions. BUT IT DEPENDS on EACH of us if we keep letting them giving them the power we have and keep remaining ignorant, unhealthy, disconnected, unhappy and enslaved.


My invitation is to start slowing down, reflecting on all of the above. Put it on paper.

Then ask yourself about your own body, needs, health. Start taking time off. Start listening to your needs.

ASk for guidance and find out more about being a WOMAN. Take your power back. Make different, empowering choices for yourself. IT IS UP TO YOU ONLY!


As a WOMAN you are WORTHY, ENOUGH, PRECIOUS being cyclical and moody sometimes, doing nothing on a tuesday if that feels right, taking constant time to recharge , feel yourself and rest.





I am sitting on the couch writing on a day where I had plans but they all went away just like that. I then accepted that I do not have energy for much so for a while I sat under the covers, looking at the flowers on my desk, at the green trees and forest outside, sun shining on them, listenting to the birds chirping and just being.

Then this inspiration CAME.

This could not have come through me if I WOULDN’t have made SPACE for me to receive it. If I hadn’t stopped to rest and actually do nothing,

Instead of being stubborn, getting angry because things don’t get my way, trying to fix and control them, fight with life…I chose rest. I chose to be in alignment with my body and level of energy today. And this GEM came out.


All is well. Universe is supporting you and guiding you all the way. You cannot see and receive that as long as you are only in your doing mood, head mode, analize mode and never actually look around- see the signs, listen in and STOP for a bit 


Life is more than doing, chasing, running around like headless chikens, consuming our HEALTH away and never asking ourselves if this IS what we want, need dream, wish for us. If this IS OUR NORMAL or actually not.


If this resonated with you…and lit a little light inside SHARE IT with love so it can inspire and support other too.





And if you were looking for this sign this is it. I am here to guide you BACK to yourself, back to health and wellbeing, back to your CENTER and EMPOWERED state so you can start making YOUR choices and create YOUR NORMAL. 

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Here’s me today staring at my flowers and window in the middle of the day:


You can also create the life you dream. Not only for „chosen”ones or special ones or lucky ones. Its for ANYBODY that wants it and starts acting on it!