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All Women Remember and RISE

I write this in English because its a message for all women around the world. Also because I work with women that do not speak romanian and I wish they can also benefit.


I write this message that comes stronger and stronger through me to all women’s souls, hearts, wombs : it is time to Shine our Light, to gather our forces, to Unite for Mother Earth and the great Ascension. 

We have been wounded girls and we inherited tons of limited beliefs from our lineage. We have been taught to be ashamed of our bodies, our beauty, our sexuality.

We have been taught to stay small, obey, sacrifice, put others first.

We have been undermined, enslaved, aggressed, abused for ages.

We gave up. Our power, our beauty, our Brilliance, our Hearts and our Gifts. So much that we forgot we have them, we are them. 


We became women that think and act like men. We chase for an illusionary happiness and always criticise ourselves, any chance we get, that we are not good enough, strong though, beautiful enough, intelligent enough.
We diminish ourselves and other sisters. We judge other women, envy them and compete like men.

We Sacrifice, go into Savior mode and only dedicate ourselves to being mothers, wives, career women.

We forgot we are WOMEN first. 


We forgot about pleasure, about out body, about our menstrual blood, sacred blood, about our Intuition and sacred practices and gifts. We forgot how to be Priestesses of LOVE.


NOW we are called to remember. To remember that we are not only this body and flesh, not only wounds and worries, not only mind and logic.

We are MORE. We are Powerfull Co creatrixes , we are Divine Souls and Great Beautiful Women, all gifted, uniquely and here, in this World to bring forth the gifts and be of service: to us, to our children, to our countries, to our Planet. 

And to remember that, to remember how Awesome we are, how powerful we are ( and not in a manly way) we need to get on the inner journey of remembering. We need to take this road of getting inside the pain, the wounding, the hurt, the rage, the shame, the guilt….and befriend the inner little girl that awaits frightened, sad, lost …for US. We need to go through it all and then let it go, set ourselves free, step by step, to make room inside for the LIGHT, for the Remembering to enter, to happen.


We have been programmed to live in our minds disconnected from our hearts and wombs, from our emotions, gifts, intuition, power.

Our power is the power of love, of the womb, of the heart. It is gentleness, empathy, receptivity, wisdom, nurturing and much more. And the WORLD needs this now.

The world needs us to remember and get on our own inner journey so that we set ourselves free from centuries and generations of slavery, abuse, smallness, fear, disconnect and pass on another legacy to our children, to our daughters. 


It is not a road to take lightly but it so rewarding. We have an entire Universe supporting us! We have an entire Squad of High Light Beings that are always here , waiting to help us. We have the support of Mother Earth and Mother Divine…we are blessed in this time and age to contribute to the the BIG Transformation of our World.

We came from different places in the Universes, we gathered here on this Planet and now it is time to Remember who we are. It is time to empower ourselves, to feel worthy, joyful, loved, powerful again!


If you read this you are called and you are ready.

Start the journey. Don’t let the mind tell you this is nonsense, listen to your heart, feel it in your gut, in your body. Sense it.


The time of Feminine Rebirth is here and this needs us all. Lets embark on the journey and do the work we came for. Follow our hearts and wombs.


You will say : i have payments, I have kids in college, i don’t have time for all this….its too…abstract and sounds nice but I can’t.

If you find these excuses it means the call reached your mind. Look deeper in your Hearts.

Know that you can start anywhere you are at..with small steps. Just open up and choose consciously to remember the Feminine Power you have and are, the gifts, the essence.

A world in the soft embrace of Feminine , lead by conscious women and men it is a world of peace, love, unity. 
And yes, you are part of it and you can do something to contribute! Find your Core, your Voice, your Power, your Identity and BE.


Send this message forward, let it reach hearts of young and mature women, let it be a beacon into this world and an invitation to RISE.


Hugs with love and warmth,

Anca Lavinia

your guide to your feminine identity